October 2014

These people are wonderful. We recently adopted a Cairn terrier from them. We now have a wonderful puppy and a great experience with them. I will happily recommend them to anyone. :) thank you doggie smiles

Brandon Fenner


Oliver the praying Chihuahua gets rescued by Doggy Smiles Rescue

Read the full article on BuzzFeed.com

Read the full article on BuzzFeed.com


february 2018

I have adopted two dogs through this organization. One a little over a year ago and one last weekend. My first little guy had been abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box because he was born with a short leg. And my newest little lady's mom had been abandoned. Doggy Smiles is an amazing rescue finding forever homes for the animals they care for. I highly recommend getting your next pet from them. For the small price they charge they provide a ton of love and care for the dogs they foster.

-Chris Riley



august 2017

They really care about the animals they rescue, and are very conscientious about their adoptions. As I did it for years, I know just how hard they have to work to make it all happen!

-Patty Akkad